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Privacy with Google

Goggle is one of the largest company collecting private data. By recognizing what you search for and combining this knowledge with your data when searching for location in maps, using apps in Android smartphones and so on, you can create incredibly detailed knowledge about each individual person. Yes, this can make your life a lot more convenient. But there is a risk because all stored data might be misused. In addition, when searching according to the preferences Google knows about you, your searched might become better if you look for something you already know, but might become worse if you look for new things. Google filters the world for you, which is fine if this matches with your interest but bad if they rule your world.

A couple of things you can do. The first thing: Use startpage instead of Google search (see below).

This is one of the few examples where more privacy is even more convenient because when using the results of a Google search, you get these nasty indirect links, which are hard to copy and paste. With startpage you get the same links not only without telling Google that it's you who is searching but also with a real copy and paste support.

Note that startpage is not abusing Google. Instead they pay for Google to provide this service.